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#HairGoals are a real thing.


Virgin hair


Balayage - 30 vol + Kenra Lightener (permanent blue-violet lightening powder) + Olaplex No.1

Process - 45 minutes

Olaplex Shampoo No.4

Toner - Kenra Beige Rapid Toner + Olaplex No.1

Process - 5 minutes

Olaplex Conditioner No.5

Styled - Olaplex Oil No.7 before and after blow dry, Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray to finish

*only 8 products used to create this look; it just has to be the RIGHT products!

Does your stylist use OLAPLEX?

The most important question! If the answer is No, find a new stylist ASAP.

You need Olaplex in your hair color and in your bathroom; this is not a drill!

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