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Engagement Shoot

Love is in the (H)Air

10:30 Start time: Balayage + Cut

12:30 Curl, Prep + Style

2:00 Makeup

3:30 Pictures


*pictures by: D Kline Design Photography*

There is so much more that goes into these special pictures. Just like a relationship, capturing moments is a journey, setting ourselves up for the best results, but staying completely open to the natural flow that is given to you each day; they will be even better than we could ever imagine. The timeline is the outline but what happens in between is the magic!

These 2 models, I mean, completely normal couple ;) have these amazing pictures to look back on and remember the feeling of a new found love, the first step in their own love story that will forever change the course of both of their lives.

Using the correct products makes all the difference; HEALTHY hair is the prettiest! Olaplex in every Brides color as well as for their AT HOME hair care to achieve their wedding hair goals.

ALL my brides get custom colors, techniques, treatments, tips, and knowledge you didn't even know you needed to transform your hair, not only for your wedding, but for the rest of your life!

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