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2020: My First Covid Wedding

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

It was wonderful! A bride, maid of honor, and mother of the bride - 3 updos. 25 guest. It was intimate. Everyone was calm, happy and safely coming together to celebrate love.

The bride and groom pushed back their wedding date, like so many others, and life continued. Luckily, I was in a transition period when Covid hit in March, so I did not have a booked schedule for 2020, leaving me very open for my brides. We were just waiting for everything to happen safely...and it did! I do house calls for hair color, so a week before the wedding we did a color and cut at her house and she was wedding ready. My brides like to accent their natural colors, allowing any updo to flow beautifully! Balayage is the most popular choice and it does not disappoint. Each bride gets custom color for their wedding day, which can start as long as 2 years or as little as a week before the wedding. It's 2020; great hair can happen anywhere!

I'm not married, so I'm not here to give brides advise on anything other than their hair. I can help you achieve your wedding hair goals but I can't promise that will make you LOVE your wedding day. There is so much that goes on to make that one special day happen, getting caught up or lost in it is completely possible and it happens! Talking with brides now, since this pandemic hit, everyone changed. Even the slightest amount can make a difference, so embrace any change, try not to fight it! Seeing a bride get ready for such an intimate wedding was different. It changed my views on large wedding parties - I use to have a 4 person minimum - I didn't realize what else I was missing! Courtney (my 1st Covid bride) was a breath of fresh air, so excited to have a personal and intimate wedding, that instantly I felt like I had finally realized what my purpose was. She didn't let Covid stop her, she simply took on the new direction, nothing was forced and it was beautiful!

I learned how to adapt in my career and now I'm writing my 1st blog! Being a Traveling Hairstylist has allowed me to take my talents to the next level and to finally feel like an artist! "Some people are artists, some people themselves are art" I love this quote because I try to bring my brides vision of herself to life while she is bringing the vision of her love story to life, so it leaves openings for vulnerable moments to really get to know someone. That is my favorite part about my job: meeting a bride before her wedding then seeing the woman she becomes on her wedding day!

During the months of quarantine I tried not to stress about how my hair world would change, I just knew it was going to. Doing this first wedding as counties were slowly opening back up helped me see my new place in this changed world. I feel more at home in the hair world than I ever have and I can't wait to see where I go with my future brides!

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